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A Short History of Angus Theriault & Sons, Inc. Roofing Contractors.

On May 7, 1934, upon the birth of his first child, Angus Theriault drew his first roofing contract, thus starting Angus Theriault & Sons, Inc.  Since that day Angus Theriault & Sons has provided Westchester County property owners with prompt, efficient and professional roofing related services.

Angus was joined in his business by his two sons, Joseph and Arthur, who carried on the quality roofing tradition Angus had created for more than three decades. Angus Theriault passed away in 1969. His grandson, Steven Theriault is now the third generation to be a part of the family business.

Angus Theriault & Sons is looking forward to continuing to provide exemplary service in the Westchester area for many years to come.

Call Angus Theriault & Sons today – 914-698-2086.